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  1. Phew! I finally got it together enough to post All of Me. This is played with one of the "gypsy guitar" backing tracks from Youtube mentioned by Tona earlier in this thread. I really like the mellow versions of this tune, but found myself having more fun playing the upbeat version. The whole notion of improvisation is new to me and is pretty exhilarating! https://soundcloud.com/burro_tuerco/all-of-me
  2. This needs to be my next project. Agreed that it's brilliant and simple. How's the battery life on this thing?
  3. I can't seem to copy/paste the links, but if you search Youtube with "kruskal marionette," you'll find the 2 videos of Jody with his marionette that I'm aware of.
  4. Not at all. A wooden toy can be to be as close or as far from human mechanics as one has the desire and skill to execute. I like the freedom of movement that comes with the loose joints (which happens to coincide with my carpentry skills) It lends a ridiculous quality to the whole thing.
  5. Thanks! It's a really fun project. The knees are indeed half-lap. I see what you mean about the second puppet looking more female...that's how it started, but I wasn't feeling very successful, so decided to carry on as a male, now I guess it's just sort of androgynous. Maybe I'll look at how to make it lean more one way or the other.
  6. I took another looks at the knees on marionette #1. They look even to me, so I suppose there must be some illusion occurring with the video that made them look different.
  7. Thanks Alex! He is not a self-portrait, but does end up looking a lot like a college roommate from many years ago. I'll be happy to load some pics. He also has a smaller and nimbler buddy who also is not a self-portrait, but is somewhat inspired by Morris outfits. Once I get practiced up on a livelier dance tune, I'll make another video with the smaller marionette. I want to add a woman to the mix, but whenever I start a face, it seems to become a street-worn man for some reason...still working on that one. BTW, I had no idea about the knees! I'll have to take a look to see if they really
  8. http://youtu.be/COfSa7CFx_c A simple version of The Wounded Hussar (aka Captain O'Kane) by O'Carolan. I have been somewhat obsessed with the marionettes a la planchette as seen in other posts by Alex Holden and Jody Kruskal. This is the first of 2 marionettes that I've made. I'll post another video with the other one once I learn another tune well enough to do so.
  9. I want to reply individually to every contributor so far, as I have enjoyed all the versions for their individual qualities, but will refrain so as not to over-post. So far, I have a definite preference for the slower version of the tune. Geoff pointed out that the faster tempo somehow seems more natural on the hurdy gurdy than the concertina. I totally agree. There is something about the personality of the slower version that seems to merge more naturally with our instrument of choice.
  10. Alex, I've been utterly taken by the marionettes a la planchette from watching your video and Jodi K's also...to the point that I was compelled to make one. It's mostly complete now and just needs some minor adjustments here and there for string tension, board control, etc. I quickly realized that having only one string does not equal ease of operation. This is tricky business! I was just about to send out a plea for technical assistance when I saw your informative post above. I think that will give me the inspiration to keep at it and make a video posts once I figure it all out. One
  11. David, this is a lovely and mesmerizing piece. Do you have the dots available? I'd love to add it to the list of 'try this' for my EC and maybe post my version here next September... Adrian - the 2 pieces are great examples of different approaches to the role of the instrument. I enjoy hearing examples of how people make concertinas fit into small ensembles. I'd also like to learn Lully at some point - are the dots available for this one? Brandon
  12. Please don't let the not understanding part keep you from doing it. You can just start with the 3 adjacent buttons advice and let your ears tell you what works - the ears are very smart that way...
  13. Very nice go at this tune(s). I'm' astounded you've only been playing for 8 months. I can't remember...are you playing an anglo or a duet?
  14. ...for a theme of the month, would there be any appettite for some Blues? I can't think of a specific tune at the moment, though whenever I here the old piano blues from some players like Jimmy Yancey, I think that I'l like to give it a go.
  15. Both these notions seem perfectly reasonable...
  16. Gosh, I feel like I'm just getting ramped up with TOTM and am still excited at finally having posted something in the past couple of months after 2 years of practice. It's been a goal for some time now. A couple of thoughts come to mind: - comments or not, posting is a very useful and interesting exercise to demand of oneself. As others have said, I often don't comment due to lack of having much to say beyond, "I enjoyed that!" I certainly don't have the knowledge to provide a useful critique of other folks' playing...I think much of the gratification from posting comes simply from t
  17. Wow. Very nice. This notion of jazz on the concertina is alluring. I've also really enjoyed your/others contributions to the All of Me TOTM thread this month.
  18. Gosh, that's sad that someone would be so sensitive as to quit playing altogether due to that level of self-criticism. Learning how to fail repeatedly and gracefully is a tricky business. I'm still practicing I totally agree that once you push the RECORD button on the device, everything changes. I've noticed it is a very effective method for identify those parts of a tune where more practice is needed.
  19. Very nice and a catchy tune. The 2 versions definitely sound and feel different. (J) sounds like it has a little reverb and delay and the buttons are more noticeable, while (W) sounds a bit crisper. Did you use the same recording technique for both? I would have to guess that (J) is the brass, but I've never even been in the same room with a vintage instrument, so I really do mean guess.
  20. Cheeky though it may be, that is nice Wolf. I hadn't heard this one. I'm hoping to get posted a duet of Bach's Minuet No. 2 as a duet with my daughter on viola, so this is an inspiration to keep the effort going.
  21. Thanks Chas and Sarah! I think late is great...for me anyway, a month is just long enough to get started learning and working out a new tune.
  22. Here's a belated entry. I did most of the practice for this in August at least: Valse du Vent by Florence Prinvidic, who plays and teaches diatonic accordion in Breton, France. Sound quality is not the greatest. https://soundcloud.com/burro_tuerco/valse-du-vent
  23. Don, I looked through the threads I recalled on the topics of 'harmony' and 'accompaniment' to the extent that I had patience for and I can't find the post I'm thinking of either. I'm beginning to doubt the particulars of what (I think) I remember. However, I did note that you were an active participant in the discussions I read. Anyway, somehow I came away with the general notion of varying intervals, chords, and parts thereof to patch together something to fill out the melody - with the chords listed on the lead sheet as a beginning point. I know there is all sorts of room for this process t
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