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  1. Count me in for a concertina repair and troubleshooting workshop too. I'll bring an old Lachenal EC you can critique.
  2. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is a good tip. Here's the link to musical instruments: http://hts.usitc.gov/Table%2092.xml
  3. The Edeophone is a marked improvement over the lower end Lachenal I began with. It's also been nice to have the lower notes. I'm going to the Squeeze In / NESI in Sept, and it will be interesting to hear and hopefully play other concertinas. I'll have a better educated opinion after that. I've never played a Wheatstone, nor put two instruments (other than my two) side by side and listened to them. I'm looking forward to that at NESI.
  4. As promised I've made a button chart for the Bass clef and for the Alto / Viola clef. Thanks again to Geoffrey Crabb for the original button chart for a 56 key tenor treble. I've borrowed the circled notes from his chart to make the charts I created for myself and am now sharing with the group.
  5. Thanks. Found it. For anyone else who's looking for it, here's the link http://squeeze-in.org/AttendeeInfoDirectory.html Scroll to near the bottom of the page where it says Contradance Musician's Info and Processional March
  6. I'm wondering if less than full compression might have some advantage in the event that the case with concertina fell on its side. The instrument would have a little bit of air buffer to keep the side facing the impact from the full force all at once. What is the purpose of compression anyway, or are those closure straps on cheap concertinas just to make them easier to carry? (Mine is an Edeophone, not a cheap one)
  7. Where do you get the downloads? I'm attending for my first time this year and would like to see what music has been played before.
  8. Nuts. I can't edit the title. It should read "When" rather than "Then"
  9. I made a custom case for my concertina and left a little extra room in the end for an audio recorder, etc. I need to place the blocks in the case next and I'm not sure how far apart to space them. In its natural resting state, the instrument is 5-3/4" long. With a little pressure it compresses to 5-1/2" With a strong press it is 5-1/4" long How far apart should the blocks be? What is the reason for storing a concertina in the compressed state? Is it harmful to compress a concertina "too" tightly?
  10. I had looked there also. They have a nice selection of metal corner protectors, but the few plastic ones they offer are too large. One downside of Ohio Travel Bag is that they have a $30 minimum order. I might consider poking around in their catalog for other stuff that might be of use if I needed to make that minimum, but they don't have what I'm looking for.
  11. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. You all have the general idea of what I'm searching for but all of the ones for speaker cabinets are too large for a concertina case. I haven't exhausted all avenues that some of you have suggested since one of the vendors might have smaller ones but I haven't spotted any yet. I'm looking for something about 1.25" / 35 mm on a side. I glued the lining in the bottom half of the case this evening. I've got to line the top yet and get some hinges and latches and a handle. Completion is getting closer. I've shot pictures throughout the process, mostly for me if I ever need to make another one, but I may upload them to the forum for others who are considering building a custom case.
  12. I can find metal case corner protectors / trunk corners at several vendors, e.g. Reliable Hardware, Rockler, etc. but I haven't been able to find any rubber or plastic ones. I'd like to find rubber or plastic corner protectors since I think they'd be kinder than metal when set on a table, and also less prone to skid if the case were bumped. I'm in the US, but the ones I see on the cases at Hobgoblin in the UK are what I'd like to find. Photo of a Hobgoblin case below. Does anyone know a source for plastic or rubber case corner protectors?
  13. What is 'ICT' equipment? I'm not familiar with that term. The glue is drying on the box as I write.
  14. There have been a variety of answers at this point. I've chosen suede because I could get it locally, but keep your 'votes' coming. It has been interesting to see the different choices. I might have considered the corduroy, but I had already bought the suede before that message came through. The glue on the box parts is drying as I write. I chose a 600 Denier black nylon cloth for the exterior. I'll see how that works out.
  15. A somewhat related question. How tightly do you compress the bellows between the blocks? The instrument normally measures 6" when resting. I can compress it another quarter inch fairly easily and a full 1/2 inch if I press more.
  16. Thanks CrP. I had spotted some "suede" in the fabric shop and wondered how it would work. The color choice locally was a bit limited IIRC. When you say "ultrasuede" is that what all the fabric suedes (as opposed to genuine animal hide) are called, or is it a specific type of suede cloth that I should be looking for?
  17. I assume that everyone who makes padded cases puts it on the bottom, and probably in the lid. I have some 3/8" firm closed cell foam that seemingly would be ideal for that. Do you also put padding on the ends of the case or on the sides? Do you put padding on the edge of the blocks used to hold the concertina closed? What do you use for padding and what thickness do you use?
  18. I've read some of the posts that I could find here on the topic, but I don't see consensus on what to use. I looked at a fairly heavy felt, but it seemed like it might be slightly abrasive, and when I dragged a thumbnail over it repeatedly, I could gather some fuzz as though it were wearing out. The fabric shop has fleece (is this the same as "plush"). The instrument would slide nicely in and out of the case with that. One side has a short nap and the other has a longer nap. The shorter nap would look better as the lining, but it would be difficult to get either side to adhere to the box walls without moving because of the nap. Auto headliner has a thin 1/8" foam backing that would be nice, but it would surely break down over time. Denim would wear well, but doesn't look very classy. What has worked well for you as a lining and what does your local fabric shop call it?
  19. I would have saved about $45 with Transferwise. It is less expensive.
  20. Yes, it's coming from Australia. I should have it by early next week. Since my current Lachenal has never been professionally restored, it will be interesting to experience the contrast in playability with one that's been properly set up. I'll hang onto the old one at least for awhile. It's possible the Edeophone may be too loud for routine home playing. I wanted a louder instrument for jam playing, and had been considering a Wheatstone 21 that Greg Jowaisas had just completed restoring, but the Edeophone had the appeal of being a tenor-treble and being able to play my viola music, and the tenor line of hymns. That plus new 7 fold bellows on the Edeophone was enough to push me into stretching for the higher end instrument. I am otherwise pretty frugal. It has brass reed shoes rather than the aluminum ones that some Edeophones have. I hope to create a bass clef and viola/alto clef button chart similar to the one in the front of the Butler book. If I can make it look good, I'll post it here.
  21. I have some photos the seller provided. Notice that it has bowing valves. My impression from searching the forums is that people usually just use them for an air valve. I thought about posting a message about bowing valves to see if anyone actually uses them when playing.
  22. I recognize you as a restorer, so I accept the voice of experience with regard to the use of nail polish. Neverthess, I was curious; were the buttons painted red and black originally, or were they stained with a dye and then sealed with a wax? I was wondering also if a 10% household bleach solution would be OK on the white buttons, or whether that would damage the bone.
  23. Thank you. That was a real help. Your work to compose the summary of the different English layouts in the download link you gave was a real labor of love. I could not find that using the search terms I used, but hopefully now others will find it more easily. Thanks again for pointing me to that discussion and thanks for taking the time to compose such a nice document.
  24. I'm awaiting the arrival of the 56 button Lachenal Edeophone tenor-treble I just bought. In looking around, I haven't spotted a button chart for a tenor-treble. I spotted an extended treble layout in a Wheatstone publication, but not for a tenor treble. Does anyone know where there's a chart for a 56 button tenor treble? Ideally it would show the low notes in the bass clef. I'm looking forward to being able to play my viola music with the concertina, although I'll have to make up my own button chart for the alto clef.
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