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  1. Are you bringing any of your CDs to the NE Squeeze In in Sept?
  2. RWL

    Something Off

    I bought an upscale concertina from djangojessie. He's a legitimate seller. There had been (an unknown to him) problem with the restoration but he stood behind the sale and had Greg Jowaisas do the correction at no cost to me.
  3. I have the wooden ended Lachenal you see in my avatar that's too quiet for sessions that I'd consider including in a swap. Send me a PM if it's of interest.
  4. RWL

    It's Here!

    Thanks for assembling the annual concertina tree. I always enjoy looking at that even if I'm not shopping at the moment.
  5. RWL

    Somebody Got A Bargain

    Serial number 36924 and here's the link to the Horniman site indicating it was built in 1967. http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD03/PAGES/D3P1080L.HTM
  6. RWL

    Somebody Got A Bargain

    I learned that Internet Explorer is the cause of the posting problems. Below is the link to the Aeola. It would have gone for only $940 but another bid came in in the last few seconds that raised it to $1225. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wheatstone-English-Concertina-Accordion-Accordian-56-Keys-WORKS-SEE-VIDEO-/262189987726?hash=item3d0bbdb78e%3Ag%3AZncAAOSwv-NWaYVJ&nma=true&si=4kbV3VCOszukdgG9Qi8WJ1hltbs%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. No. I always post using a desktop. This time I'm trying Avant portable browser on my desktop.
  8. OK. I'm posting this from Opera browser portable. K-Meleon browser didn't work; same problems as Internet Explorer. I can paste again: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e11010.m1951.l3160/7?euid=bf8a712c9d164e408a73c25170cf1d8f&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fpages.ebay.com%2Flink%2F%3Fnav%3Ditem.view%26id%3D262189987726%26alt%3Dweb%26globalID%3DEBAY-US By the way, somebody got a bargain on this 56 button Aeola - $1225
  9. Copy and paste don't work when trying to paste anything into the body of the message on this site. Neither the keyboard command Ctrl-V nor any of the paste buttons on the web page where this is being posted work. Is there something on my end that causes this? It doesn't look like anybody else has this problems because links are posted here routinely. The other thing that doesn't work is quoting somebody else when replying to a message.
  10. For whatever reason, copy and paste don't work for me at Concertina.net, or I'd give you the eBay link. Search for "Wheatstone English Concertina / Accordion / Accordian 56 keys Works: See video" 56 Button extended treble ebony Aeola for $1225 in good condition. Serial number dates it to 1967. Not the best era, but still a pretty good concertina for what the buyer paid for it.
  11. I wonder if the previous owner swapped them for some personal preference. I don't know what the inside of a Scarlatti looks like, but in my Lachenals I think I'd be able to move the F reeds to the F# places and vice versa.
  12. RWL

    Wheatstone Aeola

    I noticed that the fretwork holes seem pretty minimal compared to many English concertinas. Would that make this one on the quiet side?
  13. I'm not sure you'd have to buy real bellows. After inquiring about the banjojohn's construction, I recalled that in my 20's I constructed a bellows for our fireplace. Basically it was two hinged pieces of wood in the usual pear shape with some rubberized cloth as the bellows and a short piece of 1/2" copper pipe to direct the air. I didn't fold the fabric in any particular way; I just let it crumple / fold as it wished when I closed the two pieces of wood together. It worked about as well as the commercial ones.
  14. Thanks for the information on the tires. It sounds like they worked for you but would be an expensive proposition if they had to be purchased for the project.
  15. What type of tires are those and where did you get them? I'm surprised that they'd be flexible enough to act as a bellows.
  16. How did you make the bellows for that? Is the bottom board on the bellows hinged to the back so you only pull down with one hand, or do you pull down on the board with two hands?
  17. I used contact cement when I built the case for my Edeophone. I wasn't satisfied with how it held the cloth to the case, so I'm interested in learning what others use to attach the outer cloth as well as the inner liner. It did take quite awhile to off gas, but I don't recall how long. I did want to comment that you can put small amounts of hide glue in a baby food or similar sized jar, and microwave the contents. Start with 20 seconds and repeat with additional 10 second additional "blasts" until it's the right temperature. You don't want to boil it however. When you're done, put it in the freezer to keep. I haven't figured out why some jars of glue crack when frozen and others don't. For my inner liner, I glued 1/8" closed cell foam to shirt cardboard, and then covered that with ultrasuede fabric. These 'panels' were then lightly glued to the inside of the case. I covered my blocks with suede and then screwed them in place from the inside of the case. My case walls are 1/2" plywood. It's way too heavy and I wouldn't use that again.
  18. A question for my education. Were the Zinc reed shoes pure zinc, or were they an alloy that we today would call pot metal / white metal / die cast?
  19. I'm the one sitting on the ground in front in the white shirt on the left. Randy, I think that's you sitting on the rightish side in front in the orange shirt. Bob from the Button Box is sitting in the row above me, just to the left of the person immediately behind me. Anybody else want to tell us where you are in the group photo? Bob Lamparter
  20. Not disappointed at all Dave. If you write a 3rd edition, that could potentially be a new topic, although I don't know how often people want to have straps installed on ECs.
  21. I'll be there again. This will be my 2nd year.
  22. The wrist strap on mine was too high and covered the back of my hand. I added a set of inserts on another flat so that the strap does cover the back of my wrist and doesn't limit my motion as much as it did when on the back of my hand. I hold the left side of my instrument on my left knee and my hands keep the instrument pretty straight vertically. I do not play with my hands rotated down or up as far as I know.
  23. Funny how sleeping on things often helps to offer solutions. If I were to do this again, even if using a Forstner bit, I'd remove the ends and clamp them to an angle plate (right angle plate) to hold them for drilling. The back of an end is flat so there would be less opportunity to wobble, and angle plates are rigid. Even a home built wooden angle plate would be an improvement over the way I drilled the holes.
  24. The inserts were the same size as the slot drill / end mill. The space around the insert is the result of vibration when it was drilled, and I am indeed disappointed about that. I had anticipated having to lightly press them in since wood typically shrinks back around a drilled hole. That's why I commented about the Forstner bit with its pilot point probably being a better way, although the downside is that the extra hole for the center pilot has potentially weakened the wood in the area where you want a screw to hold. Perhaps the ideal would be to find a better way to clamp a concertina to the mill table so that vibration is eliminated. I agree that a slotted screw would have matched the other screws, but the Phillips head screws were what was on offer. Those at least are easily rectified if I run across slotted screws.
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