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  1. Cutting and gluing all those valley hinges and gussets is a pain and leaves lots of possible sources of leakage. I combine the valley hinges and gussets for each fold into one piece. A piece of leather 500mm long and 50mm wide, skived at each side and ends is glued into the circumference of the valley of each fold .One piece has replaced 6 valley hinges , 6 gussets and a lot of frustration. Do all the folds this way ,apply top runs then end runs and that's it. For a 6 fold bellows I count 92 separate pieces as being replaced by only 22.Would like to hear comments ,criticisms etc.
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    Hello Merri, I am not very computer savvy. I will contact a friend to help me send photos. My email is miopadre88@hotmail.com Geoff
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    Hi , I have a Lachenal 30 button C/G , Which over the last 6 yrs approx has had bellows replaced, pads replaced, ends refinished, reeds cleaned and tuned . It is in playing condition . I am asking $1450 Australian. Postage approx $50 A
  4. Hi , I recently travelled from Tasmania to Vancouver Island and return carrying a 20B Lachenal as flight luggage in carry on bag. I expected lots of searches and queries but in fact there were none. It went through scanners at Devonport Tas, Melbourne Aus, Los Angeles ,San Francisco and Seattle USA and Victoria Can . without once being opened or questioned. Maybe just lucky. Geoff.
  5. Hi, I bought a 28 button Lachenal at auction recently and found 30 button reed pans inside complete with all reeds but no holes drilled in the action board nor any levers pads or buttons. The reed pans look original and I put it down to a shortage of the correct parts at the time of assembly. I regard it as an unexpected bonus. Regards Geoff.
  6. They are not easy to find but there are still some bargains. Last year I bought at Auction in England a 28 button Lachenal. With fees and postage to me in Tasmania it cost me A$ 600. Reasonably good condition but work needed. I have restored the bellows done lots of gunk removal ,polished ends etc ,etc. Minuses were ,only 28 buttons and brass reeds. When I opened it up I received a pleasant surprise , the reed pans were for a 30 button with all the reeds present. No hole in the action boards for these reeds and of course no levers ,buttons etc. I bought the required levers , posts and buttons etc from dealers on the net and am on the way to having a 30 button instrument. Don't know if the reed pans were the originals or were replaced at some time, maybe during manufacture 28 b reed pans were not handy so they used 30 b ones which were ? The brass reed are fine and sound good. Have any regular restorers come across this sort of bonus, the pans do look original and the instrument does not look to have had work or modifications done. Regards Geoff.
  7. Hi, If you do not intend to use the box for 'travelling' I would suggest a nice glass fronted china cabinet . You concertina would have pride of place and there will be lots of room for other items. Definately not suitable for portability though.Hope you are enjoying your 'new' box. Regards Geoff
  8. Hi , In 2006 I bought for $A500 a Lachenal 20 button which had at some time been well restored. I have never regretted my purchase.if you are worried about ''limitations" of 20b please listen to players such as Wm Kimber etc to hear what is possible. Style of music depends on the player not the instrument. Moving to a 30 button at some later time will present no difficulties. The work put into restoration makes SA5 to 600 for a restored antique 20B concertina an absolute bargain, they are listed at around $A 1000 at 'Hobgoblin'music stores ,which is probably a fair value.Two years ago I was able to buy a very good 30B Lachenal , I like both concertinas equally and they each get regular use. I have no intention of parting with my 20B , it sounds good,looks good,feels good and by golly it is good. Hope my opinions are of of some use, Best wishes. Geoff.
  9. Hi John, I have been interested and involved with concertinas for over 20 years. Having limited financial resources I have had to learn how to restore insruments myself. I guess it was helpful in that I had previously restored many antique furniture items and clocks etc. Many of the restorations I started with a great deal of trepidation. I was fortunate that so many members of concertina net are ready to share their knowledge and experience with others. I have restored to playing condition several concertinas, many of which I would describe as 'wrecks'. Before retirement I was a builder and if I were to multiply the hours spent by the going hourly rate for builders these instruments would be very very expensive items. I eventually decided to build a set of bellows, many thanks to Bob Tedrow and others, I had to modify some details to fit the tools and equipment I have but it worked.The first set was usable but rather stiff, the second set was better but still not as I would like , the third set I'm very happy with. I would say go ahead ,it's not rocket science, and if you are prepared to be accurate and very patient you will get a lot of satisfaction from your efforts. Good Luck. Geoff.
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