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  1. I'm sad, but I must sell a Dipper concertina Dipper’s 30buttons Costwold anglo concertina Anglo in ebony (sol-do), stainless steelsbuttons, nickel silver fitings. Framework mahogany, hornbeam, quarter round moulded snakewood edging. Hard stellreeds, Goatskin, lodltools bellows, Montrichard case. (instrument no 335). Price 6800canadian $ Never play, it's perfect ContactYves.Couturier@USherbrooke.ca
  2. Hello, I Sell a stagi (C/G) 30 buttons. It was the best stagi when I bouhgt it (1000$). I sell it for 400 canadian $ + delivery, insurrance and custom (if it necessary).It is in a very good shape. Yves.Couturier@USherbrooke.ca
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