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  1. I have an older Stagi, but I'm seeing references to a new, better action, and I'm curious if the changes are significant. However, I can't find any pictures, videos, or even just specific descriptions. Does anyone know where I can find a comparison of old and new Stagi action?
  2. I'm only 5'7", plus I have short little 'punkin fingers, and because of that the stretch getting to the upper rows was not comfortable. I probably could have gotten used to it, but I just decided to go back to the English.
  3. It was $300 (w/ free shipping), but someone already put in a bid, so the Buy it Now option is gone.
  4. I just listed my Elise Hayden Duet on Ebay, then it dawned on me that I should have gone here first, seeing as this site was so helpful when I was first learning to play. If someone from here ends up getting it, let me know and I'll donate to the site. All the information is at this link: Auction Link
  5. The link to the ad seems to suggest $1000. Sounds reasonable to me - but then the current dollar/GBP exchange rate would make it a lovely bargain over here. I already contacted Michael, but thanks. Yeah, the weakening dollar must look very nice right now.
  6. After many months of deliberation, I've decided to part with my Lachenal. I just don't play it anymore, mostly because I'm focusing on the CBA now, and I don't want to sit on it when others can be playing it, so up it goes. Here are links to the Ad, and a page with pictures and an audio sample. Ad Pictures and Audio Sample
  7. A few years back, I did some research into kilts, and discovered not only that the kilt we think of today is English in origin, but that clan-specific tartans are a modern convention.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll give that song, and your fingering patterns, a whirl.
  9. Which free reed instruments are double action (same note on push and pull)? There's the English concertina and the piano accordion. Is that it?
  10. Thanks for the review. I'll be selling my Lachenal soon and was curious if the Geuns/Wakker treble would be a good replacement.
  11. Hilliard eh? Well shoot, that's only about 20 minutes from me (Gahanna). First Greg stopped by when he came through town, then you...Columbus is swiftly becoming a concertina MECCA!! Unfortunately, I can't really help you since I don't play the anglo at all. If you're interested in getting involved with a beginner session, one just started up toward Delaware. There are five of us so far. If you just want to get together and talk shop, let me know. I can try to convert you to English.
  12. Ahh yes, I forgot the obvious fact that hornpipes are usually syncopated.
  13. Yeah, but a lot of this stuff isn't traditional at all, but rather early 20th century Irish American music. But then you have to define what's "traditional" and what's not...
  14. Hornpipes are usually played more like they were 2/4, meaning a bouncier up-beat polka kind of sound.
  15. Imagine bringing this up at confession. Would he just roll with it, or ask what the hell you were talking about?
  16. 1. What makes a style? Can it be learned or one has to be born into tradition? Style comes from our inherent insecurity about standing alone. We're never confident in ourselves, so we mimic other people, thus a style is born. 4. What's the most beatiful thing of all? Truth 6. Where exactly lies a distinction between art and craft? Art is perfection of a craft. Craft is proficiency in, and dedication to, an activity, regardless of the activity. 7. Have you ever wanted to quit music? Concertina? Of course 8. Have you had formal training? Would you wish to have/not to have formal training? Yes, and no. 9. In what way you'd like to improve a concertina? Make them cheaper. 10. Was it ever that you liked a tune, wanted to learn it and it didn't work? Of course. 11. Is there anything you don't like about concertinas? There aren't enough modern builders. 14. What is the most influential book that you read? Thoreau's "Walden"
  17. My only concern with an Albion is that it's not 48-button. I wouldn't be able to play one of my favorites - "Meditation" - on it because there are a few notes that go waaaaay up there.
  18. I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing. I guess my situation isn't as uncommon as I thought.
  19. Now this is creepy. The only guy who agrees with me has the same name as me. Well here's to you brother! You have an excellent name, and and excellent opinion!
  20. Very interesting. Congratulations on your achievement! The video is nice because it shows the "isomorphism" in action. Up till now, I was fairly clueless what that meant in physical terms.
  21. Re-education eh? That's good. I understand what you all are saying about everything needing tweaking, but that's just one part of this equation. If maintenance was my only issue, I wouldn't be selling it. It's not like I'm giving up the concertina; I'm just giving up VINTAGE concertinas. Hmm...I guess in this case, the Vintage classification describes the vast majority of concertinas though. Oh well, I can live with it.
  22. Back in May, I bought an 1880 Lachenal EC. Prior to buying that, I lived by a rule: do not buy vintage instruments. Well I broke that rule, and now I'm wishing I hadn't. No, the Lachenal isn't a lemon or anything. I've enjoyed it a lot, but as any vintage instrument will, it needed some work. Reed 13 was popping, and some pivot posts were popping out of the action pan, due to the dry winter I assume. I fixed both easily enough, but it just reminded me why I made the rule in the first place. I just want to play the music and not have to worry about taking care of the instrument. But the biggest reason I've decided to sell it is that, after a year of being a concertinist, I've come to the conclusion that I prefer the sound of accordian reeded concertinas. Yes, I know that's grounds for having my thumbs ripped out, but that's the way it is. I'll be putting together a description soon, with pictures of everything, and I'll naturally give the wonderful people here the first chance at it. I mainly posted this because I thought you'd all get a kick out of it, particlarly RELCOLLECT. I'll probably buy a Jackie with part of the money, just so I have something that doesn't suck like my Stagi (great tone, but LOUSY workmanship).
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