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  1. Sorry for double post the images were large for file size limit. I also have small gig bag im guessing for more normal size concertina.
  2. Im not sure what they go for, I bought them in hopes of learning but idea of shipping for tuning or repairs directed me to different instrument. I have to get names of books and cd learning matrerials, but both work. the german one probally out of tune i dont know instrument well tbh, all notes play on in and out. Same with jack, it seems be in really good shape. i can take few images, just tryin to get them to new home so they dont just sit on shelf. Im just looking for fair price and shipping, when i get chance ill upload some picts.
  3. I found a jack english concertina for 285 free shipping so im getting that. It doesnt come with tutor book or fingering chart. Im trying to find place to buy those but not having any luck. Only fingering charts im seeing is for 48+. Does anyone know where i can find some learning material or tutor book made for jackie/jack.
  4. I messaged him and he said its ok if i want to retract my bid and welcomed me to land of concertinas haha. How can you tell if a concertina has 'fast' action or capable of playing faster songs. Is it only new concertinas only like everything slow thats old.
  5. Oh i dont mind it being more quiet i will mostly be solo, now on the fast, does it mean i cant play like jigs and shanties thats more fast beat, or is that something else? Idk bout play speeds, if thats something you can upgrade.
  6. Btw thanks for all comments. Not sure if those saw link, but will that one concertina be ok for starting out on, link is above. I hope its not worth less than what im bidding at idk values.
  7. I probally wont win this (still 4 days to go) and idk if it was good deal or not but i saw a 1855 48 key wheatstone currently at 970 usd. It says its been restored ill copy quote. "Bellows repaired, replacement papers installed, valves replaced, thumb straps and finger guards re covered. Pads still pretty good so left as is. Brass reeds, old pitch. Instrument is in tune with itself." Which idk if thats good price or kind of high and i didnt go much further up on it cause i wasnt sure. But it looked good. Course anyone higher funds than me welcome to jump on it xD, but i wasnt sure if it w
  8. Oh i meant in travel size. Like accordion vs concertina or cello vs violin. I understand theres alot of parts under hood, but i like idea of hauling a concertina around than a full size accordion.
  9. I will be honest that sounds alot better than some of recordings on yt i heard. There was one idk it just didnt sound good (almost bit annoying sound) i stopped part way haha, it was probally the song. Wish there was place local to try, i have mother who is very cost watching, you know mothers. She wants me to pratice on this shoclar german one (the d/a thats poorly made) to see if i like instrument before buying one, especially since i bought so many instruments in past but didnt take up seriously. I just dont like bulk, like guitars etc was too big for my tastes, why concertina drew me m
  10. I got it narrowed to anglo and duet, i like idea of highs one side and lows on other. Also tend to like music more so from those two. Idk why but ec sound doesnt click as well with me, which is odd since all same except button arrangements. What i have to figure out is where can i get good beginner of either, one site i checked is sold out across board i guess i could email to see if any used ones. Unless anyone knows a good one for sale. 30 button anglo and duet is two im looking at.
  11. Haha yeah hence my dilemma cause wide variety of music i like. I dont know much bout duet is that just like a ec but different arrangement? Also ah i didnt know the ec doesnt do chords well. Thanks the info been real helpful. So i guess if i want chords i really need to look at anglo or duet, and im guessing duet would offer more variety? Whats hard is i dont have place local to try them and nice be to have one of each unfortunally i can only splurge on one xD. Idk if concertina connection has shirtage atm but all entry concertinas are sold out, which i was interested in their trade up pr
  12. Thank you for indepth look i will continue to listen to both and make my decision. I will link 2 example songs i want to learn and play i know second one be harder without the bass notes but long as i can do main song part.
  13. I have almost no music experience, which i know is pretty bad at 36 xD. I have gene milligan wood irish whistle i converted notes to tabs same with harmonica, tho i havent played really any music instrument long. I have bad habit of liking something, getting it then all sudden not playing it. I know the sound of concertina, accordion etc i can stand and enjoy sound of for hours more so than guitars. Im in mo and i dont know any place near me that deals with concertinas, especially since im more in a rural area even like st louis would be a good distance drive. I mean i can hear the song in
  14. I know this is a common question, ive looked through many replies, tho i could use bit more personal help. Ive been music instrument searching for years, alot i usually stopped early cause i dont like hauling bulk around. Even guitar too big for my tastes xD. I stumbled across concertina, tho i am bit in bind on type. I know anglo is go to for irish folk etc music, which i do love and sea shanties etc. However, im odd ball and love too many genres of music. From video games to folk, renaissance, baroque, techno, russian, celtic, my mp3 player confuses my friends from all odd
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