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  1. That's right u guessed it, sorry was in the middle of an essay on deictic terms and got bored so searched my dads name lol. Anyway, the total at the mo is about 18,000 but I can't guarantee I can get you higher up the list for paying it off for me but I could try hehe. If anyone is thinking of asking without paying the loan off they can forget it cos I don't have anything to do with concertinas, they drive me nuts, as they would if you have lived with them for 18 years, tuning reeds above your bedroom at 3 in the morning! AAAAAARGH Well hope you all have a good year. Maddio signing off! *** I got 78% in the essay hurrah! (totally blagged it)***
  2. Hi, I think that anyone on the waithing list for a Dipper should consider themselves lucky because, lets face it, they're getting on a bit, you'll probably be the last people to get one. Maybe you should follow Paul's example and send their daughter maple syrup sweets mmmmmmmmm.
  3. Hi Just to say that Dipper Concertinas is a small business, hardly an amazon.co.uk next day delivery style operation! Demand however is very high for the instruments but order date is sometimes not applicable, e.g. someone who is performing and needs their instrument quickly might be sorted out more quickly than people who have ordered before them. Overall it is Colin and Rosalie's personal decision about who gets their instrument made/repaired next and therefore politeness goes a long way, and not phoning through the Archers! One tip to speed through your order may be to bribe their daughter by paying off her student loan
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