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Session with Jody Kruskal

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We're looking forward to another great night at the Bell & Jorrocks, Frittenden this Sunday starting at 8pm.


This time we're very lucky to have as a guest talented demon anglo concertina player and singer Jody Kruskal, who's currently over here from the from the USA on a tour.


Jody will sing some songs, play a few tunes and no doubt chat a while, but the format we follow at Frittenden will ensure plenty of time for the rest of us to play tunes, dance and tell stories - or anything else that's entertaining and legal that you might have to give us. I've even heard we might have someone who recites poetry... Gosh, how cultural!


The Frittenden sessions take place at the Bell & Jorrocks pub at Frittenden, Kent, and start at 8pm and continue until it's time to sing Nellie Dean and say goodnight. They're informal and free, with lots of old fashioned and traditional songs and tunes, and a big emphasis on variety, humour and entertainment generally.


As we like to say, if you liked your pub the way it was before the telly and the computer came, this is the event for you.


We look forward to seeing you on the night!


Gavin and Julie Atkin


For information see http://frittendenfestival.com/sessions/ or ring us on 07985 522734.

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