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Frittenden session with Pip Ives this Sunday

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Get ready for Sunday night for what looks like another lovely Bell & Jorrocks session at Frittenden. Once more we have persuaded a pal to come along and add something special to the evening and on this occasion it's - pause for a drum roll - Pip Ives.


Pip's a young gunslinger of a melodeon and anglo player with a prodigious technique... He recently returned from the degree course at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (where he was a Kingsman, as I was three decades ago) and is now doing sterling work at the new Hobgoblin branch in Canterbury.


The format we follow at Frittenden will ensure plenty of time for playing tunes, dancing and storytelling - or anything else that's entertaining and legal that you might have to give us.


The Frittenden sessions take place at the Bell & Jorrocks pub at Frittenden, Kent, and start at 8pm and continue until it's time to sing Nellie Dean and say goodnight. They're informal and free, with lots of old fashioned and traditional songs and tunes, and a big emphasis on variety, humour and entertainment generally.


As we like to say, if you liked your pub the way it was before the telly and the computer came, this is the event for you.


We look forward to seeing you on the night!


Gavin and Julie Atkin


For information see http://frittendenfestival.com/sessions/ or ring us on 07985 522734.

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