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Building An "eco" Concertina

concertina construction

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Posted 25 August 2014 - 04:16 AM

Pistachio, before you create a distinct problem for all of us vintage concertina owners vis a vis the CITES laws by continuing to imply the widespread use of ivory, you should be made aware that Ivory was not commonly used in vintage concertinas. Instead, the buttons were made of bone which, while still not meeting your vegan goals, do no make use of any poached materials or otherwise despicable collection methods. This is material that would have otherwise been disposed of, or as in the case of French prisoners of war in the 1800s were used to make ship models and all kinds of other decorative items that were sold to keep them better fed and alive til the war was over.

Ross Schlabach

Hi Ross,


Many thanks for clarifying the distinction between ivory/bone. In my cynicism I thought the descriptions of "bone buttons" was a euphenism designed to go under the radar of auction selling regs! It does certainly make sense now I think about it that the vast majority would be using bone from less exotic sources. Interesting story about the POWs.

#20 Pistachio Dreamer

Pistachio Dreamer


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Posted 25 August 2014 - 04:20 AM

Interesting topic!


As a songwriter, I occasionally think about music and sustainability. The Bard, after all, is an incipient Druid, and must think things through on a spiritual level. Many years ago, I wrote the following song. Not one of my best, I admit. Those of you who are familiar with German shall judge - for the others, there's a literal translation at the bottom.


Der Herr und der Sänger


Eines Tages ging der Schöpfer in der Welt hienieden,

Um zu schauen nach dem Rechten, wie schon hin und wieder.

Sah sich an, was Menschen trieben

mit der Schöpfung alles;

Ärgerte und freute sich, je nach Art des Falles.


Sah die Männer in dem Walde stolze Bäume fällen,

Hörte auch ihr Jagdgetöse und die Hunde bellen.

Bergleut' wühlten unter Tage,

Abraumhalden wuchsen;

Wo die Leute Erze schmolzen, war der Himmel duster.


Einer aber stand beiseite, ab vom muntern Treiben,

Seine Miene war recht finster, und er war am Schreiben.

Sprach der Herr zu ihm: "Wer bist du?"

"Herr, ich bin der Sänger,

Und die Schändung Deiner Welt dulde ich nicht länger!


"Leute, die die Bäume fällen und die Tiere töten,

Sollen aus den Liedern lernen, Schonung ist vonnöten,

Und dass Schätze dieser Erde

Allzuschnell verschwinden,

Pufft man sie so achtungslos in die freien Winde!"


Sprach der Schöpfer zu dem Sänger: "Kläglich ist dein Singen!

Hättest du bloß Instrumente, tät' es wohler klingen!"

Sprach der Sänger: "Instrumente

Tät' ich wohl begehren,

Würdest Deinem Sänger Du welche doch bescheren."


"Töte," sprach der Herr, "Ein Kalb; mach' aus dem Fell die Pauke!

Und aus Hölzer edler Bäume bau' dir eine Laute!

Lass' dafür die Saiten ziehen

Aus geschmolzenen Erzen;

Spiel zum Tanz, und sing dein Lied dann für frohe Herzen!"




The Lord and the Singer (literal translation)


One day, the Creator came down to this world

to see how things were going, as he occasionally does.

He looked at what humans were doing

with all his creation;

was annoyed or pleased, depending on what he saw.


He saw the men in the forest felling proud trees;

heard the cry of their hunt, and the baying of the hounds.

Miners grubbed in the earth,

slag-heaps grew;

where the people smelted ores, the sky was darkened.


But one stood aside, far from the merry activity;

his mien was dark, and he was writing.

The Lord spake to him: "Who art thou?"

"Lord, I m the Singer,

and I will tolerate the desecration of your world no longer!


"People who fell the trees and kill the animals,

shall learn from my songs that conservation is necessary,

and that the treasures of the earth

will vanish all to quickly

if they are puffed so carelessly into the free winds!"


The Creator spake to the Singer: "Your singing is dismal!

If only you had instruments, it would sound fuller!"

The Singer spake: "Instruments

are what I would wish for

if thou wouldst bestow some on thy Singer."


"Kill," spake the Lord, "A calf; make a drum with its skin!

And from the woods of noble trees, build yourself a lute!

Have the strings for it drawn

from smelted ores;

play for the dance, and then sing your songs for light hearts!"





Great song, thanks John. I want to hear it!

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Posted 15 September 2014 - 02:29 PM


Great song, thanks John. I want to hear it!

Interesting topic!





Glad you like it!

I haven't got a recording of it yet, and I don't think I've ever played it at a gig, but you've prompted me to take another go at it.

Watch this space!




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Posted 28 March 2016 - 05:31 PM

sorry , wrong thread

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