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Warning: Purchase Scam/fraud

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The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is aware of a large-scale fraud scheme involving the use of counterfeit cashier's (business) checks. The scheme targets individuals that use Internet classified ads to sell merchandise.

November 4, 2003 - Nigerian Warning (.pdf 6K)


We have just been subject to this scam. The only place we had advertised our concertina for sale on was Concertina.net. We were contacted in January with a confirmed purchase, someone claiming to represent a 'client'. A cheque actually arrived at the end of last week for more than double our asking price. There were warning flags and we contacted our bank as we had it deposited. It looked very legit, foil hologram, company logo, a well known multi-national, 'Homebase Limted', numbered, signature, etc... We were contacted yesterday morning to be told it was bad. It is a disappointment, but we had our suspicions. They must have had some success with this scam and we wouldn't want anyone losing out because of lack of experience. Having studied Internet journalism I had been doing basic research through the whole process. The correspondent was charming, seemed a really nice person. We tend to be pretty open and trusting, by choice, and we take people on the whole for the best, but we're not foolish.

Be informed and Keep safe - dani

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