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Richard Morse

Squeeze-off At The Squeeze-in?

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I'm looking for volunteers, someones to act as point persons to:


1. Instigate and coordinate this happening (contact the makers and interface with the other folks involved).


2. Create a list of physical attributes (like type of ends, button size and spacing from handrest, etc.).


3. Create a list of the more subjective qualities.


4. Photo taker to record the event.


5. Compiler person to crunch all the aboves.


6. Presenter person to put up the results to some web site.


I figure that the concertina makers can fill out the substantive stuff beforehand and folks at the S-I can pen in their subjectives when they view and play them. Only volunteer #4 needs be at the event, the others would be nice, but need not be present to participate. Don't be shy to volunteer for multiple slots!


While I don't think there will be any problems with any maker helping out with this, I'm not going to be able to devote much time due to my invovement with dealing with the S-I event itself. Still, I'd be up for taking the photos (or let some other person use my camera to) if no one else steps forward for that slot. We can also use the Button Box web server space to post results though I think it would be more PC to have the ICA or Chris Timson host the results.....


There's also the possibility of having this happening at Witney (as well or in lieu of the S-I). Any suggestions/thoughts on this? The S-I is only 4 weeks away - maybe too soon to get this all together?

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