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Don Taylor

The Demise Of The Mike Harding Folk Show

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Mike Harding has decided to close down his Folk Show podcast. The last show was on October 22nd.


For those who do not know and who like folk music then you really must visit:


The Mike Harding Folk Show - the very best in folk, roots and acoustic music


He puts out a weekly podcast of mostly traditional music and songs from the British Isles[*] but lots of American and other countries stuff too and absolutely no singer/songwriter love songs. Jody has been showcased as have other concertina players.


There have been 252 shows each about 1hr 15 minutes long. They are all still available for download and he has promised to keep them all available until next September. Grab them while you can!


I have them all on my phone and I really must make sure that I keep a copy on a less transient device.


Mike does not say why he has decided to close down but I suspect that he needs to cut back on his commitments - he also organizes several folk shows, performs and writes and is currently touring a book of poems that he wrote.


I shall really miss him, but I will continue to listen to him nearly every day.




[*] Just in case there is any confusion, the British Isles includes the island of Ireland and Mike plays lots of really great Irish music.

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Don, thanks for pointing out this podcast - I wasn't aware of it. Neither were any of my

immediate folky friends. Brilliant - far better than the old R2 folk show IMO (I didn't

really like the format which was presumably imposed by the Beeb).



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