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Ssi (scandinavian Squeeze-in) 2005

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Pontus' new web site is up with the information on registering for this year's

Scandinavian Squeeze-In.


This is our sixth annual meeting. Most of the details are the same as in recent years. Only the location of the Sunday lunch-and-concert is currently uncertain (we have a couple of possibilities).


On Pontus' web site, don't worry if you can't read Swedish, just click on "SSI" in the menu on the left. Its pages are in English.


If you want more details, click on the "2003", where there are a few pages. (Hmm. I see that a couple of the photos are missing. Gotta get that fixed.) The general stuff is still the same, including the location and price, but not email or web site addresses. But in particular, the first few paragraphs give our philosophy.


We look forward to seeing some of you there... again, for several of you.


...................... :)

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