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  1. Don Taylor

    making a jig for springs

    I bought some phosphor bronze wire from the Instrument Workshop in Oregon, their .035 Premium coil works well for me. http://www.fortepiano.com/index.php/products-menu-item/wire-menu-item/copper-alloy-menu-item/phosphor-bronze-menu-item
  2. Don Taylor

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    Not at all, it is the pairing that is the issue. What if I proposed pairing some Glenn Miller with Beethoven or maybe some Straus with some hip-hop? English and Irish traditional music are both excellent, and I speak as an Englishman with Irish grandparents, but they are different traditions and often sound and, more importantly, feel quite different from each other. Anyway, anybody can do what they like to any tune, the folk police have been disbanded. BTW. My reference to Ewan Macoll is there to show that this is not a new debate, it has been active from at least the 1950's.
  3. Don Taylor

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    You are the ghost of Ewan Macoll and I claim my 5 pounds! Don. (Actually, I do agree with Owd Nick).
  4. Don Taylor

    Help to identify please

    It says so in the OP, plus the ad on Kijiji also says 1946.
  5. Don Taylor

    Help to identify please

    After WWII Germany was severely restricted on what industries it could retain and what manufactured products it could export. Musical instruments were allowed for export. This instrument is dated as 1946 so it would fit into this period and it would be reasonable to suppose it was made in Germany for export. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_plans_for_German_industry_after_World_War_II
  6. Don Taylor

    Help to identify please

    "German Silver" is copper, nickel and zinc. No actual silver at all.
  7. Don Taylor

    Help to identify please

    I have seen this ad on a Canadian web-site and while it is interesting I doubt very much that it would be worth much unless someone here rocognises it and says that it has a particular rarity or collectable value. Do you want something to put in a display cabinet or do you want a playable instrument? If the former, and you have experience in antique repairs, then go for it - for maybe $50. As a display piece you would not have to re-build the action, tune the reeds or repair any bellows leaks - all of which are almost certainly issues to resolve. If you want a playable instrument then I would avoid it like the plague. This instrument is a long way from Eastern Ontario so you are likely buying it on the strength of those two photographs which would seem to indicate an early German made concertina, probably with a wooden action and multiple reeds on zinc plates. More akin in construction to a miniature Bandoneon than a concertina.
  8. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    A couple of ideas to fund an ad-free forum: 1) An annual crowd-funding appeal for sufficient monies to keep concertina.net alive for another year. This could work a bit like the way that NPR in the States raises money for its operations. Define a target amount and nag users until the goal is reached, then turn it off for another year. The only ads that we would see would be the appeal ads for the crowd-funding campaign. 2) (Longer-term, hopefully) Encourage folks to leave a concertina to the forum in their will. This could then be sold or auctioned on the forum to raise money for the future. This may seem a bit macabre, but I suspect that many of us are getting on in years and perhaps wondering what will happen to our concertinas once we 'cross the bar'. I do not think that a non-playing relative would have an easy time realizing the value of a concertina, and I suspect that many just get put on a shelf and mostly forgotten about.
  9. Don Taylor

    Harsh Reed Work Around

    You can use a slice of cork, after drinking the wine, as a temporary chamber end stop as suggested by Dave. If it works then you could just change its status from temporary to permanent. It is getting harder to find real wine corks these days, but the hunt is worth while in its own right.
  10. Don Taylor


    Perhaps I should explain why I started this topic. I have been lightening the action on a concertina and went just a tad too light on one or two springs. Not enough that the pad failed too close normally but, I think, just enough that if I played a couple of notes sequentially the second note sounded very sweetly. The resulting tone was very nice, I would describe it as bell-like, maybe clarinet-like. I don't know for sure if it was resonance or just air leakage firing another reed very softly. It does not always happen and the two notes need to be played legato. I liked the sound and wondered if anyone had ever made a concertina that sounded like this.
  11. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    AKAICT Paul is somewhat stuck. The concertina.net forums use IPBoard software which once was free, or nearly so, and that could easily be installed on any hosting site. Then INvision decided to monetize their software. They created a new version and stopped supporting the old free versions. The new version can be installed on non-Invision hosts, but it looks to be tricky so Invision are now offering to do the hosting as well as provide the software - for a nice fee. The version of IPBoard that we presently use is old and has security breaches in it that have not been fixed and never will be fixed. We really should move on. Mel.net uses a different forum software from http://www.simplemachines.orgwhich is free and, I think, open source. Again, this can be installed on independant, cheap hosting sites. I guess Paul is looking at upgrading to the current version of Invision forum software and running it on the Invision servers. This is probably the easiest, least risk route but it is is not cheap. I think that Simple Machines has a migration script that could be used to move messages and users over to a Simple Machines based forum. Theo is an admin/owner on mel.net so he certainly has a better insight on this stuff than I do. Leaving Invision would be attractive except that it is likely to involve a lot work on Paul's part and there is some risk that the migration of old material would fail. Rock and a hard place.
  12. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    Looking at the Invision site it looks like Paul will need something north of $1,000 pa for the site, maybe quite a bit more. I, for one think, that it would be tragic for the community if this site with its history was in danger of disappearing. I am certainly prepared to contribute what I can. Maybe contributors could be given a new title in recognition. Maybe 'Patron' instead of 'Heavyweight Boxer' etc...
  13. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    No, I was trying to suggest that something like a premium membership could exist which would have the benefit of not displaying ads.
  14. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    Yes, but then Paul gets no revenue to run the site. I wonder if it would be possible to configure concertina.net so that paying members do not see any ads?
  15. Don Taylor

    Pop Up Ads

    True, but you cannot search for a particular word or phrase, at least I have not been able to do so. For example, a couple of days ago I wanted to see if anyone had used Liberon brand french polish on a concertina and googling "site:concertina.net Liberon" gave me several hits. I don't think that I could do this on archive.org.