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    ENGLISH System: including: Bass; Baritone; Treble; Miniature

    All forms of Concertina playing, but also Repair and Restoration. like to provide help & assistance as needed.

    I give talks and run workshops on repair and resoration

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  1. d.elliott

    Bellows Buckle

    If corners are collapsed/ collapsing then please check the condition of the inner bellows hinges, if they are split you may have a bigger problem. If they are repaired then you have an explanation, split hinges are easy to repair, but to consequential damage may be less so.
  2. d.elliott

    Harsh Reed Work Around

    could be a basic leather baffle would do the job, but probably at the cost of the projection from all the other reeds. I would try the following: move the reed to a different position to see if the harshness migrates (as suggested above) if the tone moves with the reed, check the reed set or replace the reed. if the problem is the location then check the the length of the chamber, try fitting a temporary chamber end stop, to shorten the chamber, or removing the end stop and fitting another on a bit further from the reed tip
  3. don't forget to clean the bellows out after or in a fast session I can see rice seeds bouncing off the walls
  4. d.elliott

    Pop Up Ads

    If I get unsavoury pop up adds I would probably be saying goodbye to all the rest of you.
  5. Be warned, I worked a lot in the rosewoods at one time, especially Indian rosewood, you need a dust mask, preferably extraction. Some dusts are carcinogenic.
  6. d.elliott

    Amazing What A Good Tech Can Do

    Well said Jim, I have nothing but respect for Greg, even if I cannot pronounce his surname.
  7. d.elliott

    Routine Maintenance

    Thanks Paul.# $54 a copy, I wish.....!
  8. d.elliott

    Gum Arabic

    I have been using it for years for valves and also chamois gaskets. If you use impact adhesives or some others then it is difficult to remove when next servicing is required.
  9. d.elliott

    Uk Concertina Happenings In May

    Hi Ken, just worked out your coding! they are dates! 5/29-30 = -29.827586 etc. OR the 29 to 30th May! after all they are UK events you are asking after. I shall be at Swaledale and Stamford. Dave
  10. d.elliott

    Concertina Repair In Ireland (Munster)

    Your web address is very close to my own long established address 'concertina-repair', this will cause confusion and could cause problems Dave
  11. d.elliott

    Suggestion For Experiment

    I have both played and worked on a few high end brass reed tongued instruments, They are very good, not so loud but the trebles are responsive. The baritones can be a bit slower to respond but are very mellow. My experiences support Mike.
  12. d.elliott

    John Connor Rebuild Naming

    The whole instrument was built by Connor except for the reed pans and reeds which are Wheatstone. I don't know anything else about it. I Seem to remember, and I am fairly certain about this that these instruments were known a 'Phoenix' instruments, rising out of the ashes and all that. Nothing to do with a certain H Potter... Dave
  13. d.elliott

    John Connor Rebuild Naming

    Do you know the original manufacturer? If not then post photos of the end plates and if you can, the action pivot arrangements, these things can usually be worked out be the combined experience of the many here. Dave
  14. Personally, I prefer not to rely on glues and fillers too much, if I have enough of a split to let air through, or create a step, then I tend to open the crack a bit more and set a strip of thin wood into position, clamping only to ensure that any 'step' is taken out. if the split is just a hairline crack then I wipe PVA glue into it. One thing I never do is to try to close a crack or split in these circumstances. If the crack has happened then the structure is de-stressed and stable, I just repair the fault. Dave
  15. The CT referred to ‘Closed Tension’, which was explained earlier in the article I copied the text from. CT stands for Closed Tension, as opposed to OT Open Tension. Bellows tension is one of the subjects measured in a bellows evaluation and was explained earlier in the article (bellows tension (in grams), bellows travel (in percentage), stability (in pressure) and airtightness (airflow per minute)). “Bellows waist” is the difference in circumference between the bellows frames and the bellows. hope it makes more sense now... Wim, I tried to find your article on the web to answer my questions, but failed. Can you advise how I can access it. I did look before I asked my questions otherwise I would not have had the need to show my ignorance. Dave