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  1. Just something about airiness; as a dance fiddler I agree with most of what's been said about bowing similarities but my breathy Jeff Duet allows more gusto and variation when played in the middle of the bellows range than my Wheatstone of the same pattern which I find too tight to really rip into a tune. Maybe I'll try working the air button a bit to free things up.
  2. wunks

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    As a note of possible interest, I've come across a Lachenal 48 key that's small in the other dimension; It has only four bellows folds and fits snugly in it's original case. Is this common?
  3. wunks

    Lachenal English for swap

    Hello. This is my first post here. I recently acquired a 48 key Lachenal English from a friend who is a luthier. It's been sitting in his shop for several years and is apparently in original condition. It's a bit rough but not tampered with as far as I can tell and looks to be a fairly easy restoration. The bellows look quite nice, it leaks a bit round the ends and some of the buttons need ring felts and re-seating. My friend had one end off and the reeds and felts looked intact. Because of the air leakage I can't really tell the condition of the reeds and I don't want to monkey with it or force it. One fretted end (rosewood?) has fine cracks through the finger and thumb strap locations and those fittings are missing on that side. it's in it's original box. I play Jeffries duet system on instruments acquired in London in the 70's. One is a Wheatstone centered on C and the other a Jeffries that is either C# or D old pitch. Rather than invest in a restoration of the Lachenal and learn a new system or try to sell it, I'd rather trade for another Jeff Duet. Few people seem to play them so perhaps someone is in the opposite situation and wanting an English. I'd also consider a swap for a Bass au Pied ( bass for the feet) My fingers are tied in Knots from the Duet so why not my toes? Feel free to make inquiries. I'll probably leave the ad up for a while to see what (if anything) pops up. I'm located in upstate NY.